the poor student

I think my honeymoon phase may be officially over. However, that is not to say that I am still not loving every minute here – because I am – but, it is to say that ‘poor student’ reality has set in. Poor student as in…poor me, I have to remember how to be a student again, and I’m a poor student who needs to find a job.

Most of my days consist of breakfast, read, lunch, read, class (if I have it), dinner, WINE, (maybe read, depending on the amount of wine) and repeat. Mind you I only have class on Monday and Tuesday and the occasional all day Friday – so you would think I’d have more than enough time to do my schoolwork and have a life. No, my life is school, but you know what Katie (I say to myself) – this is what you signed up for. And it’s true, this is the life I’ve wanted the minute I graduated school three years ago. It’s just been a shock to the system, remembering how to study and read (quickly) again.

As for my poor student “I should eat ramen everyday” situation…finding a job is hard! Especially when I don’t have barista or serving skills, definitely limits the job options. I actually had a job two weeks ago for about two days…as a Social Media Expert. Sounds perfect for me, don’t you think?! It was for a start up online coupon company, fashioning itself after America’s “GROUPON” if you’ve heard of it. Anyway, the “owner” didn’t have any idea what he was doing…therefore nor did I, and I think we both saw the writing on the wall after day two. Since then I’ve been back on the saddle sending my resume out like it’s sold at Costco – in mass. Ironically enough, I think a job just fell into my lap yesterday (without having to spend hours on a cover letter and customizing my resume). There was an opening at a company that friend works for, she put in a good word, I called to follow up, and I start next week! I can’t really explain exactly what the company does or what I will be doing, but I believe it will be a mix of office admin, serving, and hostessing. Don’t worry, the company is legitimate, and as long as it pays decently, it’s great!

I think the new job (knock on wood) will not only help pay the bills, but will also give more structure to my weeks, and force me out of the apartment breaking up the monotony of read and repeat.

Next week I have a week off from school for the Easter holiday and I hope to get out of the city a bit and stretch my legs. Of course in order to do that, I need to be all caught up with school…so more from me soon…I’m off to READ!